Marie Tharp Award

EAGE Sustainable Energy Young Professionals Award,
“Marie Tharp”

In 2023, the geoscience and engineering community has endeavored to advance the energy transition more than ever. To anticipate further transformations and the need to innovate, we are proud to announce the launch of the new EAGE Sustainable Energy Young Professionals Award, “Marie Tharp”, dedicated to promising and creative talents among the next generation of leaders who are committed to the idea of transforming energy systems and speed up the global energy transition.



Named after the renowned geologist and oceanographic cartographer Marie Tharp, this recognition is a legacy between past and future generations to encourage students to explore beyond boundaries.

This Award signifies perseverance, willpower, and excellence in conserving our planet, whose understanding and explanation have been shaped by Marie Tharp’s imaginative thinking and transformative discoveries.

A new leadership paradigm requires an associated talent strategy, and the Marie Tharp Award is not merely a recognition; it is a catalyst for future leaders, providing a way to cast a spotlight on young talents in the geoscience and engineering community and accelerate the change needed for a sustainable future.


Eligible candidates must be MSc and Ph.D. students who are pursuing a college curriculum directed toward a career in geoscience and engineering to support the clean energy transition. If you meet the requirements, you can nominate yourself.


The submission consists of a nomination package that must be sent here.

The Nomination package must be submitted by 11:59p.m. on March 1st, 2024.


  • Your CV 
  • Your list of publications (if applicable)
  • A nomination letter outlining your motivation, achievements, and ongoing projects

The letter should emphasize the student’s plans to contribute to advancing practices in the field of energy transition and the commitment to the geoscience and engineering community, as well as EAGE, in this domain. 

The awardee will receive a grant to attend the EAGE GET 2024 conference. Participation in the conference will not only serve to recognize their contributions but also provide an invaluable opportunity to network with industry experts, gain insights into the latest advancements, and further fuel their passion for driving positive change in the energy transition landscape.