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Bio: Saba Keynejad

Environmental Data Scientist Energy Transition and Environment at CGG
Co-chair Geothermal Energy Conference

Saba Keynejad received her Master’s degree in mineral exploration with a focus on geothermal exploration in 2012. She obtained her PhD from the University of Arizona in 2018, developing machine learning approaches for subsurface characterization. Since then, Saba has worked in the energy sector, contributing to projects in subsurface analysis and geothermal research. Currently, she applies her expertise to providing environmental solutions and advancing sustainable practices in energy, mining, and other major industries. Beyond technical work, Saba has been actively involved in leading conferences and webinars within her company and externally. She aims to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration through these events. Saba also participates in mentorship schemes focused on women of color in the energy and technology industry. As co-chair of EAGE GET2024, Saba brings a wealth of experience spanning academia, industry, and leadership. She looks forward to bringing together geothermal experts to drive the field forward through open dialogue and partnership. Saba is honored to help convene important discussions on the conference stage.

Bio: Gehrig Schultz

COO | Geoscience at EPI Group
Co-chair Geothermal Energy Conference

Dr. Gehrig Schultz has been actively involved in using geophysics to solve geological and engineering problems since 1986.  Dr. Schultz is currently COO for Geosciences at EPI Group where he leads a multidisciplinary team specialized in applying geophysics to geothermal energy, nuclear waste disposal, near surface engineering and hydrocarbons exploration and field redevelopment. He has worked both as a service provider and as a senior energy company executive.  His experience spans growing former Romanian state owned geophysical and geological enterprise to become a highly respected international geophysical supplier with annual revenues of over € 100 million, rejuvenating a producing hydrocarbons field, starting a cased whole logging and well maintenance company, and technical leadership of several startup companies. Gehrig recently earned a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Bucharest and graduated with a BS in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

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