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We’re delighted to invite you to the EAGE’s 4th annual event focussed on Energy Transition, which will be held between 14-17 November 2023 in Paris.

This year’s conference will be extra special as we launch an exciting mix of strategic seminars alongside our traditional technical program. The theme of the event will be ‘Accelerating the path to a sustainable energy future’.

Our strategic sessions will place the conference into a global perspective of the need for action. A people-centred energy transition is key to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SGD7) of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable modern energy for all. Together we will review government and regulatory frameworks and share our companies journey so far. We will look outside our industry to see what sustainability lessons we can learn and explore how we can keep our businesses resilient.

The extensive technical sessions will cover topics in offshore wind, CCUS, energy storage, geothermal, mineral exploration and how we integrate geoscience into the various energy transition topics. In addition, we will cover environment, sustainability, society and solutions, georesources, nuclear energy and the role of education and training in our transition.

Your participation in the conference is a crucial step in furthering the discussion and generating ideas on how our community can continue to accelerate its path to a sustainable energy future, I very much look forward to welcoming you to Paris in November!


Ellie MacInnes
New Business Development – Green Tech, CGG
EAGE GET2023 Conference Chair

We are pleased to invite those with an interest in the energy transition to Paris for the 4th EAGE Global Energy Transition Conference and Exhibition.

The theme of GET2023 recognizes and reflects the challenge that the global energy sector is facing and the urgent need to collaborate in order to transition more rapidly toward the use of sustainable energy.

GET2023 will provide a cross industry platform for those working in this domain to connect and share their knowledge on the key topics surrounding the use of the subsurface in support of the energy transition. The synergies across the different industries, the enablers of accelerated deployment, and recent case examples will be key areas of focus. GET2023 will also address how we can best develop and maintain the workforce required to tackle this energy transition and discuss the interaction between society and the environment.

As one of EAGE flagship events, you can expect a high-quality technical program, with sessions on carbon storage, offshore renewable energy, geothermal energy, energy storage and future georesources. To compliment the technical program, we are introducing dedicated sessions on carbon storage regulation, critical minerals and lessons learnt from the implementation of flagship projects. These dedicated sessions will welcome keynote speakers to share their insights and provide valuable perspectives within the conference theme of ‘Accelerating the path to a sustainable energy future’.

The technical committee of GET2023 looks forward to welcoming you in Paris this November. To share in this unique opportunity to collaborate and take action to drive the global energy transition forward.

Mike Branston

Mike Branston
New Energy Domain Lead, SLB
EAGE GET2023 Technical Committee Chair

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