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GET 2024 features an engaging one-day workshop designed to equip participants with essential skills, fresh insights, and critical knowledge crucial for advancing their academic or professional careers.

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Workshop 1 – 4 November – time to be confirmed 

Appropriation of the subsurface and its usage

Energy transition is one of the key factors to tackle climate change in the coming decades. In this energy transition, the subsurface has a major role to play in providing new decarbonised energies (geothermal energy), store new energy alternative (hydrogen) or low energy production residue (nuclear power wastes), as well as providing alternatives to areas where the industry has difficulties to decarbonise (CCS). Problematically, the subsurface is intrinsically invisible and only accessible through indirect methods. The result has been a concentration of the discussion about its usage between specialists. As a result, the connection with the other stakeholders has only happen either to request permits for its usage (with the authorities and institutional decision-makers) or when issues happen (especially with the general public) such as earthquake. There is now an increasing trend in the community to involve more the different stakeholders beyond the experts and find new ways to interacts going beyond the “deficit model”.

In this workshop, we aim to explore a broad range of methods to understand and involve the stakeholders into the different usage of the subsurface (e.g., geothermal, minerals, storage). The workshop will be a platform to discuss latest trend and results. The proposed format will involve a morning of presentations to bring an understating of the variety of method and applications to provide discussions over breaks. The afternoon will be reserved for a keynote followed by a round table.

Damien Bonte (Convenor)


Laurent Jammes (Convenor)


Workshop 2 – 8 November – 9:00 – 16:00


Are you fascinated by the potential of sustainable energy solutions in the deep subsurface and the science behind them? Join the EAGE GET24 workshop at PanTerra for an immersive, set of lectures, hands-on core viewing and discussions that delves into the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and geothermal energy.

This workshop is tailored to a broad audience in the energy sector, from entry-level to experienced environmental professionals, geologists, energy sector specialists, and anyone passionate about advancing sustainable energy practices.

In this workshop you will visit the PanTerra laboratory, to view the EBN Amstelland and Oranjeoord cores in detail yourself. These cores have been acquired as part of the EBN SCAN program. In addition, you will also be offered to inspect other core material which is studied for CCS projects. In addition, core material relevant caprocks will be on view. Moreover, you will receive a tour with an explanation of relevant lab equipment for special core analysis and core flooding, which is being used for Geothermal and CCS studies.

The program starts with a discussion on the general risks for Geothermal and CCS developments, and during the core viewing you can assess some of these risks yourself by inspecting the core.

Marcel Zwaan

Manager Subsurface and Engineering

Albert Hebing

Lab Manager

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