Field Trip 1

Field Trip 1 – 8 November 2024

Visit to HyStock hydrogen storage of Gasunie in Zuidwending (Groningen)


From a technical and economic point of view, storing hydrogen in salt caverns is the most promising solution. The buffering of hydrogen to balance production and consumption requires the injection and extraction of large quantities of hydrogen in a short period of time. Therefore, caverns are being realised, which are particularly well suited to supply hydrogen quickly. Zuidwending, in the northern province of Groningen has the ideal subsoil for realising salt caverns and there is already natural gas in six caverns stored. 

On this fieldtrip, you will visit the EnergyStock installation of HyStock and discuss the near future, hear about their plans and challenges. Hystock will share their knowledge and results of the lifecycle Hydrogen test of a cavern (200 bar).

You will also see our Hydrogen value chain demonstration installation. 3MW solar, 1 MW PEM electrolyser, compressor 300b, trailer loadstation, 100% H2 heater and fleetowner HRS. HyStock will share all the lessons learned!

FT1 - HyStock hydrogen storage of Gasunie in Zuidwending. - closeup

Dr Dariusz


Field Trip Leaders

  • Gerard van Pijkeren, CEO, EnergyStock
  • Peter-John Stehouwer, Asset & Technical Manager, EnergyStock and Hystock

Health and Safety Requirements

To access the installation it is necessary to wear safety clothes. We can provide for about 20 feet.

Permission Requirement

Due to national security restrictions, participation of this field trip is subject to approval according to Gasunie/EnergyStock. You will be let known prior to the date if your registration is approved for this activity.

You are also obliged to show a valid, original identity document at the facility.


8 November 2024


09:00 - 18:30


HyStock hydrogen storage of Gasunie, Zuidwending (Groningen)

Field Trip Schedule

09:00Departure from Rotterdam
12:00Arrival Stain pub
13:30Departure EnergyStock
13:45Arrival EnergyStock
14:00Round 1
15:15Round 2
16:30Return to Rotterdam